green initiative

Since 1993 Re-creations has been a Green company. We remanufacture furniture. Our business is based on use and recycling - no other process is more environmentally friendly.

  • We start with pieces that have reached the end of their lifecycle. We strip them down to their core, sand off the paint, and strip off the fabrics.

  • We then repair each component, removing any dents, replacing any core materials or damaged parts.

  • Lastly, we remanufacture each component back to their original standard. We repaint (using low VOC paints), re-laminate desktops, and recover panels (using primarily recycled fabrics).

The final result is furniture that is indistinguishable from new furniture, for substantial savings over the cost of new. What you aren't left with is a bigger landfill and vast amounts of wasted energy and natural resources.