Blending creates amazing results.

Successful projects are a fusion of ideas and products. Mass produced furniture cannot solve every space, function and budget requirement.

Re-creations blends remanufactured, custom and refurbished products with new production furniture to achieve maximum value, function and aesthetic appeal.

Blending creates limitless possibilities and saves time and money.

Project challenges require unique solutions.

Re-creations manufactures custom overhead storage bins which combine unique functional and aesthetic requirements that adapt to existing panels.

Re-creations custom shaped and sized work surfaces blend with new panels to maximize the space and function of small cubicles.

Maximizing functions and aesthetics doesn’t mean higher costs.

Full line manufacturers generally are not positioned to produce custom furniture or modifications at competitive price points and short lead times.

Re-creations manufactures many custom and blended solutions within a standard 4 - 6 week lead time.

Re-creations blends a myriad of options to create solutions that save time, money and are practically unique!